Preventing Zika

I think that my boyfriend would agree that one of the biggest things that we made sure to do on our trip was to NOT GET BIT BY MOSQUITOS. This was a task that took appropriate planning before we got to Trinidad. The first thing I did was go onto the CDC site and see what their recommendations were for preventing Zika. As I read all of their recommendations the only one that I found the easiest was using bug spray. Of course that was a given but I felt like I needed a little bit more protection. So I went on Amazon and ordered two types of mosquito repellent wristbands (one that was cheaper and another that seemed more legit). I also ordered the OFF clip-on fans that spray the repellent as its clipped to your belt loop. And of course I purchased the traditional OFF bug spray.

I may have gone a little OD with the amount of repellents I had but the whole time I was in Trinidad I only received maybe a total of 3-4 mosquito bites. Each day my boyfriend and I would start our day by spraying on the bug spray then maybe once again during the day and then again before we went to bed. We both wore wristbands and I wore the clip-on for part of the time I was there.

Although my cousins did make fun of me by all the things I had to prevent  from getting bit, this was something serious to me, hahaha.


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