Argyle Waterfall 

Our last full day we were in Tobago we ventured out to Argyle Waterfall. Argyle Waterfall is about an hour away from where we were staying. As we drove to the waterfall we passed some of the most beautiful views that I’ve ever seen in my life. Driving along the coast for about 60% of the trip my boyfriend and I were wowed by the beauty we witnessed.

Once we reached the attraction we had to pay about $60TT dollars to be admitted into the attraction. From the entrance to the main waterfall it takes about 15 minutes or less to walk. As you get closer and closer to the waterfall it become more difficult to walk as you have to walk up and down slippery rocks and moist leaves to get to the waterfall.

my cousin walking to the waterfall
walking along the trail to the waterfall
my sister and I pictured with bamboo

The first and main waterfall isn’t all that there is to it. Once you arrive to this point there’s an option to climb the waterfall and go up to the several other levels, pools and waterfalls that are higher up on the mountain. Being that I was not confident enough with my mountain climbing skills I elected to stay at the bottom as my cousins and boyfriend made their way to the top.

As my boyfriend began climbing, one of my cousins kicked off his shoes and told him that climbing the waterfall would be easier without shoes. Apparently if you have “American Feet” and you are not used to walking around outside barefooted this is not the right move. My boyfriend climbed the whole waterfall barefooted and in pain. This made for many laughs after the fact but he learned his lesson.

My boyfriend and cousin climbing the trail to get to the top of the waterfall
My cousins and boyfriend at the top of the first waterfall

Pigeon Point 

Pigeon Point is one of the most popular beaches in Tobago. To be admitted to the beach one must pay $20TT. You’re given a wrist band that had to be worn while on the beach. While you are there you also have the option of renting a private beach hut, and beach chairs. There are also food, clothing and suvenoir shops scattered throughout the beach. 

We rented a hut, brought our own food and spent the whole day at Pigeon Point. The water was warm but way saltier than Maracas Beach in Trinidad. We spent the whole day liming, drinking and swiming until the sun set.

The water was so calm and the beach is kept pretty clean but the best thing of Pigeon Point were the Views!!!! As the sun set we were given such a show. After snapping pictures of the sun setting I realized that my little iPhone camera did not do it just at all.