Whats next???…South Africa

My next BIG trip is coming this December and that will be to  South Africa. This will be my first time to the “Motherland” and the furthest Ive ever traveled before. The reason that I have the chance to go to South Africa is because my sister is getting married there. Her nuptials just add to the excitement of me being able to travel to South Africa. The great thing about us going in December is that, that is when its South Africa’s summer! Anyone who knows me knows that I love nothing but warm weather. Not having to layer my clothes or wear a jacket is the best thing in life to me (but I digress).

Because we are there for a reason, my time will be spent, of course, with my sister and family preparing for her wedding, but I am hoping that my boyfriend and I will be able to do a few tourist things while we are there. Unfortunately for me when our flight was booked I did not think that I would be able to take a lot of time off from work so I will only be there for about 5 days. Most of those days will of course be spent doing wedding stuff.

There are two things that I want to make sure that I do when I am in South Africa and that is go to Robben Island and take a tour of a township. I should be purchasing Robben Island tour tickets today (Lord Willing), but trying to organize a tour of the townships is looking to be a more difficult task. The biggest thing that my sister reminded me was that I need to be careful of scammers because in South Africa there are a lot of them. So purchasing tickets  online does make me super hesitant, but im trying to do my due diligence and look up things on trip advisor and other reputable travel sites to ensure that I am not being SCAMMED!!!!

We are about 70 days out from the wedding and I still don’t have all of my accommodations for my boyfriend and I, but once I get a chance to sit down and really look at all the things that still need to get done Im sure I will be good to go.



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