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New Obsession: Stock Trading

I was recently asked by someone to download a stock trading app so that person could get free stock sent to them. Sure, why not? If all I’m doing is downloading an app there is no harm in that.

Little did I know that one app was about to open me up to a whole new world. I am currently now obsessed with trading stocks and I’ve spent the last 48 hours researching companies, reading reports and buying stock. This is my new thing now and I have promised myself to purchase at least $50 worth of stock each pay check.

I get that $50 doesn’t seem like a lot but man will it be worth it in the long run! What is great is that because I’ve learned about a few things in business school I am able to make more informed decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to be an analyst or trader but I do understand the jargon in reports enough for me to make somewhat decent decisions.

I am so glad I found this app! For many years I had been saying that I wanted to trade stocks outside of the company stocks that I owned.

As I’ve become extremely strategic and serious about building my wealth, this app has come at a perfect time for me! My goal is to own 100 shares of different stocks by the end of the year (hey ya gotta start small). I encourage all young women to begin doing this! It’s a really great way to build for your future and it is somewhat fun too! And with all of the different apps made available it is really easy and simple to do! The app that I am currently using is called Robinhood and so far it has been a really great app that I suggest others to look into.

I am so excited that I’ve finally done this and I can’t wait to see what my stocks do!


I got into my first MBA program

Earlier this week I got some of the best news that I’ve gotten in a very long time. I was accepted into a full time MBA program and was granted a scholarship that would cover 70% of my tuition. This was an amazing accomplishment for me and although it was just my safety school (I’ve only applied to two schools so far and have about five more to apply to), it still feels good to know that I have achieved something I’ve been trying to achieve for the last two years. It also feels good knowing that come August I can finally quit my job and start transitioning out of my current job field and into my desired field of consulting.

Ever since I moved back to D.C. in a hurry last year after breaking up with my ex, it has been a fight for me to get my life on the proper course. It has been a year since I moved back and everything that I said I was going to do I have done. One of those goals were to get into an MBA program and it feels good to know that the time I put in, in taking the GRE, writing the essays, and filling out the application has all paid off. It feels great going into 2017 knowing that I am going to be starting a new journey in life one that will have life changing affects. I am super grateful to God and my sister who helped me get to this point.

Feeling like 2017 will be hard but still amazing!