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“I never knew where Trinidad was…”(this post was posted days after)

My boyfriend admitted to me yesterday that he googled Trinidad and to his surprise Trinidad was right off the coast of South America. I have told him the location of Trinidad before and when ever I tell people where Trinidad is I always tell them that it is right off of the coast of Venezuela. Literally right off the coast…. You can actually see Venezuela from Trinidad and vice versa. Venezuelans migrate to Trinidad, and Trinidadians migrate to Venezuela (my great-grandmother  being one of those people who actually moved to Venezuela to live). I have heard many different things about the actual distance from the closest point of Trinidad to Venezuela. Ive heard any where from 3 to 9 miles. I don’t know why but I was having a hard time finding this information on google. Either way, what I do know is that, Trinidad is was closer to Venezuela than it is to Tobago and any other Caribbean nation. And, the fact that my boyfriend was perplexed as to why its considered part of the caribbean and not part of South America is a valid reason to be confused lol.




Trinidad and Tobago Bound!!!

262F36FE-874F-41C5-92DA-1B62BE955FB9So my first trip that I will be highlighting will be my trip to Trinidad and Tobago. I have been to Trinidad hundreds of times in my life (I use to live there with my grandparents, then once moving to the United States, my parents would send my sister and I back to spend all of our summers in Trinidad) but this has been the longest time that I have gone without going. I use to go to Trinidad every year but once my grandmother passed away in 2011 visiting Trinidad went to the back burner. This trip will actually also encompass a family trip to Tobago for a “Family Reunion”. My immediately family and I are the only ones who dont live in Trinidad, so once we arrive to T&T, the family reunion can commence! This trip is a little bit more special because I will be bringing my boyfriend with me. In all of my years of dating and travelling to Trinidad, I have never brought anyone “home” for my family to meet. I am very excited and hope that my boyfriend does not get overwhelmed by my 8 cousins (theres 10 of us all together), my 4 cray cray aunts (my father is the only boy), and all the other family members who are attending this trip. We will be in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago for all of 10 days. A portion of that time will be spent in Tobago. I am just really excited that I will be able to show my boyfriend one of the biggest parts of me, and that is Trinidad.


*pictured above a picture of my cousin and I during our visit to Maracus Bay ’09*